Annnnd Action

I now consider the “Official WoJ website” to be a complete functioning website.

I just finished transferring the “WoJ compilation” which required a lot of conversion of links to forum posts into quotes of those posts.  This takes a huge wall of text and makes it even bigger, but I broke it up into separate pages for each of the separate forum posts in the old forum version of it.

There may be a few loose ends on the old forum that need to be tucked in their correct places, or new places made for them on this website though.  For example, this morning I realized that I hadn’t transferred our collection of old LKH email list WoJs, so I created a new page for them and added a link to them in the main link index.  I actually need to go back to the compilation and fix the links to those WoJs so they point to that new page.  This hasn’t been a small project!

Beyond looking for and tidying up said loose ends, my next task in this project is to update the Compilation with material that has been collected since my 2017 summer update.


Edit:  I found one of those loose ends this evening and created the Archive of long form WoJ’s from outside sources

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  1. Hey serak! Great to have you keeping things moving! Although I haven’t been the regular I used to be, I do periodically still check in on what’s happening in the world of Jim and his fans. Thanks for your efforts! – BookLover

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