Links to WoJ Sources

This is the collection of links to Word of Jim content.

The below collection is as is as exhaustive I’ve been able to make it over the years.  If you come across a WoJ source that isn’t below, please let me know either in a comment to one of the blog update posts, or on reddit, where I also have the user name “serack”

Placeholder for the link to where ever the archive of the old official forum posts for Jim lands.

Major WoJ sources:
The Butcher Block
Jim’s Livejournal (great source of advice for budding writers)
WoJ’s from the old email list before there was a forum
Archive of all Jim Butcher Amazon Posts (At least the ones I could find a few years ago when I was bored waiting for Ghost Story)
Archive of Jim’s Twitter posts relevant to his writing (also subject to update lapses)
Karen Woodward’s blog post indexing Jim’s articles on writing

Page quoting a bunch of Posts Jim made on the Laura K. Hamilton email list around 2000

Archive of long form WoJ’s from outside sources


Pages containing Transcripts of Audio/Video interviews and such (generated on the old Jim Butcher Forums)


There is a lot of fan overlap between the Dresden Files and James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) because he does the readings for the audio books (with the exception of Ghost Story).  This Page contains most of the things that James has said about his work on the Dresden Files, gleaned from a website that serves a similar purpose to this “Archive”


Pre 2007 or undated
Very old Interview and profile of JB set up by his older sister (also old old pics that Jim probably wishes disappeared)
Sequential Tart Interview (written)
2004 Crescent Blues written online interview (written)
2004 SF Site Interview with Jim (written)
2005 SF Crows Nest interview (written)
SciFi Wire article with Jim quotes
2006 SFRevu Interview (written)
2006 Buzzy Multimedia Interview (youtube, very well edited)

University Book Store (Seattle, written)
FictionRight Interview with JB and his wife Shannon (audio)
Jim Butcher: Wizard Maker written Romantic Times interview article
Whedonopolis interview written
Dragon Page interview audio
Powell’s Books interview (written)
Cinemafreaks interview of JB and Fred Hicks Audio (interview starts at 31:45)
ConNotations interview PDF download
Hour 25 Interview audio
Huntington Beach B&N Q&A Audio
Article by Jacqueline Lichtenberg no direct quotes from her interview with Jim but interesting and… different

Dorkgasm interview May 16 2008 (youtube, 3 parts)
Book signing at some unidentified Boarders (youtube vids are gone, scroll down to the transcripts by “LogicMouseLives” :)) )
Slice of SciFi youtube, Interview starts at 6:49
Seattle Book Signing
Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4
Interview at NY Comic con with Jim Butcher and Paul Blackthorne (TV HARRY)
1 min video w/ Jim commenting on what a soulgaze is video
The Dragon Page article (audio podcast)
Comic-Con Q&A session youtube, 6 parts (Part 1 has already been transcribed)
ComicCon Playing God panel youtube, 3 videos
ComicCon Playing God panel Q&A  youtube, 3 videos Interview Writen interview + short video
Cat and Muse written interview of “Harry Dresden” (Jim in character).  Quite novel, not a whole lot of info

2009 Subterranean Press Magazine interview (written)
Barnes & Noble Interview (audio)
Turn Coat Release Party Interview youtube vid
Edited down video of Turn Coat Release party video
Jim telling story about his dog in Chicago
Dayton Book Signing Q&A youtube, 4 videos
Kansas City Public Library Q&A (Audio)
Chicago, Lexington, and Independence Signing Q&A’s Archive of notes taken by a JB forum member
3 short videos of Jim answering questions in Omaha NE
Talking Head | Dresden’s Fairy Housekeepers | Chatting about Harry
Bitten by Books Interview and web based Q&A  (Scroll down to see Q&A)
Mr. Media Radio Interview (Audio)
Total Science Fiction online interview Written
Pocket Express Interview Written
Whisper radio interview audio (interview starts at 49:40)
Romance Writers of America interview with Jim and Shannon video #3
Straight Dope Article on Undertown includes bullets from an interview they did + lots of cool info about things under Chicago
Dragon Page Podcast

Huston & Lee’s Summit Signing Q&As Notes by forum members, scroll down.
Murder by the Books interview written (interview from employee @ Huston signing)
Powells Books Signing Q&A (youtube, 6 videos)
Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on April 9th youtube, 5 videos
Buzzy Multimedia interview youtube video
SciFiNow article with lots of JB quotes (text)
Bitten by Books interview and web based Q&A (Scroll down for Q&A)
Dragon Page interview audio
Question from Dragoncon video (here’s the comic they are talking about)
2010 Dragon Con Q&A session “8” is posted by a different person than the rest but picks up where “6” leaves off.
“8” has a snippet of Jim’s Bob impression at ~4:35
Suduvu interview video
Fantasy authors panel @ NYC Comic con Videos
NovelsAlive interview youtube vid
The Author Hour interview text and audio versions! (the transcriber messed up a few things like calling Tavi => Tobby)
Absent Willow Review interview Written
Dragon*Con Beyond Binary Panel Video and transcription of everything Jim (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for that transcript & links)
RAFO interview written
 SFBC interview @ NYCC youtube video
The Walking Eye Interview about the DFRPG with Fred Hicks (Iago) and Jim podcast audio
North County Times Interview written interview written
Daily Dragon Dragoncon interview written
Brief Changes and Side Jobs interview from his Publisher youtube
Coffee with an author audio from (BookLover♥’s website!)
Tuscon Urban Fantasy vs. Paranormal Romance pannel
Romantic Times panel
Atomic Array DFRPG podcast with Jim Butcher interview Jim’s interview @40:20
2d6 Feet in a Random Direction episode #56
NYCC Fantacy Writers Panel transcript and notes

Marscon Q&A session (youtube)
Marscon Panel “Urban Fantasy, is it an ocean or just a wave”
Jim and Patric Rothfuss blog back and forth on borders’ website
Ghost Story blerb with Jim produced by his Publisher
Orbit books interview
* interview
Patrick Rothfuss interviews Jim Butcher for SUVUDU (SDCC)
Jim Butcher interviews Patrick Rothfuss for SUVUDU (SDCC)
Clarion, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop interview (writen)
Gamer’s Haven interview(audio)
Fast Forward, Contemporary Sciency Fiction interview (youtube)
2011 Release party Q&A at Kansas City (youtube)
Atlanta Signing Q&A
Magical Words live chat on writing craft (text archive)
Washington DC signing Q&A (youtube)
NYC Signing Q&A
Naperville (Chicago area) Signing Q&A
Boston Signing Q&A (Last 20 minutes)
Bevercreek signing Q&A
2011 Bitten by Books Q&A session
The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy phone interview
NY Times profile (focuses on Jim’s time playing AmberMUSH)
Short Story Geeks phone interview

Email Exchange between Jim and Benedict Jacka interview
princesofthepoisonpen interview
Ghoul Goblin interview
SciFi Saturday Night podcast
First Million Words interview
SF Signal Podcast
Geek & Sundry’s Sword and Laser Episode 16
Reddit AMA
The Reading Cafe interview
University Bookstore in Seattle WA signing
Mysterious Galaxy signing Q&A (LA)
GO386 interview
Tor’s Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe
Subterranean Death Cult interview

January Kansas City Q&A
The Arched Doorway interview
Salt Circle interview
Geek Hard Ad Astra interview
Wyrd con 4 interview
Wyrdcon 4 Q&A session video
MisCon Writing Yourself Into (and Out of) Corners Panel transcript
COMiCM!X Dragoncon interview
Sword and Laser DragonCon podcast with Jim
Jim Butcher at FaerieCon East 2013 on Writing part 1
Jim Butcher at FaerieCon East 2013 on Writing part 2
Jim Butcher at Faerie Con East–Q&A Part 1
Jim Butcher at Faerie Con East–Q&A Part 2

BS! Radio interview
buzzy mag interview
Kiama Library (Austrailia) signing
April 24th “Week in Geek” interview
Wyrdcon 5 (2014)
*“What is Storytelling” panel
*Wyrdcon Q&A session
*Creation: Evolution of the Dresden Files with Jim Butcher at Wyrd Con 5
*Recipes That Work: New Stories, New Characters, and Fan Expectations with Jim Butcher at Wyrd Con 5
5/15/14 Booktalk Nation interview and Q&A session,
5/16/14 Pre Skin Game reddit AMAForum based pharsing
5/27/14 Geek & Sundry Vlog: Tigermonkey Interviews Jim
5/28/14 Wormholes and Swords
The Speculative Craft interview
5/29/14 Powell’s Books signing in Beverton, OR (raw audio file)
5/30/14 Seattle, WA Q&A
6/4/14 Chicago (Skokie), IL (warning, rather jerky video, advise just listening)
6/5/14 Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ Q&A
Pheonix Comicon
*Q&A session part 1
*Q&A session part 2
*“Magic Systems”
6/13/14 interview with Publishers weekly (starts 7:45)
Booktopia Interview
The Gencon Files: Interview with Jim Butcher, Author of ‘The Dresden Files’ (August 2014)
2014 DragonCon
Publisher’s Weekly Radio, August 2014
Once and Future Podcast (Oct 2014)
Episode 112 of Speculate! — Interview with Jim Butcher (Aug 2014)

A pint with Jim Butcher April 2015 interview when Jim was in England
2015 Stockholm Q&A
WonkyCast 17: Jim Butcher (June 2015)
2015 DragonCon events
Slippery Words interview done at DragonCon
beyond the trope (itunes, recorded at Denver ComicCon)
short TV interview prelude to Salt Lake Comic Con
Internet video chat interview, interviewer is based in Portugal
Interview with the guys who created the Dresden Files LARP game published June 5th
Seatle Q&A Oct 2015
Coopersfield Books Q&A (San Francisco area) Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5
Stokie IL Q&A, Video 1  Video 2  (Oct 2015)
Talks at Google interview Oct 2015
The Amazon Book Review’s interview (October 2015)
Goodreads Q&A Oct 2015
Author Stories Podcast interview posted 10/12/15
2015 Salt Lake Comic Con interview
Grid Daily interview (Oct 2015)
Evil League of Evil Writers April 2016 interview
2015 DF Reddit podcast Q&A

ComicMix Dragon Con 2016 interview (video)
Jim Butcher Q&A at Myths and Legends Convention (August) 2016
Snippit of Dragoncon 2016 Q&A

Random Interwebs coolness involving Jim
Pics of Jim wearing leather LARPing garb
Jim wearing some gypsyish LARPing garb
Happy Birthday Shecky
Knife Jim made with Master Weapon Smith Gil Hibbens (source website)
Video Priscellie made for Jim commemorating him “beating” Hugh Jackman in weightlifting
Kerrie L. Hughes interview about co-editing Shadowed Souls with Jim.
Someone’s fun story about LARPing with Jim
Pathfinder RPG live at DragonCon 2016 w/Jim Butcher, Monica Rial, Ian Frazier, and Richard Garriott
Iago’s original Jim Butcher fan website