Dresden Files Word of Jim (WoJ) Compilation 3.0 (Spoilers)

This page is the gateway to the Dresden Files WoJ Compilation.  As of 2017, this material has about the equivalent word count of the Novella Cold Case, so rather than one huge page to scroll through it’s broken up into multiple pages according to subject, and below is a table of contents for the linked individual subject pages.  I’m considering having an alternate version with all the information in one spot for quick searches, but maintaining two versions of the same content may not be worth the effort.

General formatting notes:

  • Most WoJ are responses to questions, which will be in bold, with the Word of Jim response not bolded.
  • Most sub-sections will begin with unlinked WoJ’s from the forums.


Table of Contents:



Acknowledgments: (People I want to thank):

  • BookLover♥ and Anie for all the work they do going to so many JB’s book signings and taking notes on all the Q&A’s from the front row, and then sharing them with us!
  • Tiracakes for compiling the original list of Jim Butcher interview links
  • All the other people/groups that recorded/held JB interviews and Q&A’s and posted them on the web
  • The forum “Curators” who helped me flag significant new material as it is found
  • All the forum members that go through the trouble to point out new ones to me, as well as the transcribers
  • Iago for hosting this site, and for creating and hosting the old fan forums
  • The Academy (oh, wait, that one isn’t obligatory? nevermind)
  • Finally I want to thank Jim Butcher for being such a cool guy to interact with us fans so much, and for writing such a great series in the first place!