Today’s update

I’ve been taking advantage of the holiday break to get work done on the new site, and I’ll use this blog post to log what I’ve accomplished today.  Next up is the transfer of the “Compilation.”  I’ve got to re-format that for the new site though so the effort involved won’t be trivial.  The goal is to be done before the new year.


Added transcripts to the appropriate transcript pages:

2012 Sword and Laser Ep. 16

2014 Geek and Sundry Skin Game interview

2013 Geek Hard interview added to the 2014 page, and page expanded to 2013 & 2014

Seattle WA 5/30/2014 Q&A

2013 Cold Days Kansas City release party Q&A

Generated the 2015 & 2016 transcripts page and populated it with lots of transcripts from the forums.


Added links to the Main Link Page for the new transcript pages (2012, 2013&14, and 2015&16).  Although the transcripts are from the old forums, the forum WoJ section didn’t have dedicated topics that collected them together into those groups, so the link page didn’t acknowledge them.

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