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Phantom2448 ‏@Phantom2448  Jan 15
@longshotauthor Just to clarify, is it still the plan to have a new Dresden this year?

Jim ButcherVerified account @longshotauthor
@Phantom2448 I hope so, yes.


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Samantha Aguilar ‏@whisper_wind  · Jan 25  
@longshotauthor  Sorry in advance!  My husband has been hounding me to ask you for weeks: have you started working on Peace Talks yet? Sorry

Jim ButcherVerified account ‏@longshotauthor  
@whisper_wind Yes. :)

Jim: RT @fredhicks: Double shot of @longshotauthor  cover art: Ghost Story and Side Jobs:
LugD213: @Longshotauthor  No glove? Is that significant?
Jim: @LugD213 It is accurate. :)

Jim: By the way, my fantasy casting for Morgan: Clancy “the Kurgan” Brown!
RobJDurand: @longshotauthor  I can see that casting. Adam Baldwin I could see too though I did just watch Firefly so I’m jaded I suppose. Smiley
Jim: @RobJDurand Adam Baldwin was actually one of the finalists for Dresden in the TV show. Paul was considered edgier, Adam more bulldog-like.

Jim: By the way, my fantasy casting for Morgan: Clancy “the Kurgan” Brown!
mexicantt @longshotauthor  As he is now, or when he was younger? And now I have to ask, who are your fantasy actors for Murphy and Harry?
Jim: @mexicantt As he is NOW. Did you see him in Lost? That’s a friggin’ PERFECT Morgan.

FitzMelech: @longshotauthor  Is Rashid the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred?
Jim: @FitzMelech He’s the guy who took /down/ AlHazred.
FitzMelech: @longshotauthor  That makes Rashid, if possible, even more badass than I thought!
Jim: @FitzMelech Rashid is, by far, the most dangerous of the Senior Council. Which is not the same thing as most powerful. Smiley

LugD213: @Longshotauthor  Any chance that youre gonna be wacked out enough to tweet some Ghost Story spoilers?
Jim: @LugD213 Why not. Smiley It begins immediately on the heels of Changes. Like the transition from Back to the Future 2 to BttF 3.
LugD213: @Longshotauthor  How soon are we talking? Immediately after Aftermath, or maybe during?
Jim: @LugD213 Immediately-immediately. Like, there’s a train coming at him. Smiley

theliz13: @longshotauthor  Your fans respectfully request that you get the faerie queens to stop messing with the weather! PLEASE!
Jim: @theliz13 Whaddayoo, nuts? Ain’t nobody can give those people orders.

mlvalentine: @longshotauthor  Hearing fan speculation and seeing comments on our review about how many books are left in the series. Can you clarify? :)
Jim: @mlvalentine 20ish, yep. Though I’m a couple behind where I thought I’d be, so it might be 21 or 22 before we get to the capstone bit.[/url]

Jim: Honestly, I don’t get it. Cliffhangers are when you DON’T know what happens. :)
Jim: I stand by my earlier reasoning. Not a cliffhanger when you know the outcome. :)
Jim: And I make the first concealed quote from book 13, GHOST STORY, baZING. :)
ydnam: @longshotauthor  you have far too much fun toying with your fans, don’t you?
Jim: @ydnam It’s like a drug.
Jim: The title? Implying something? Would I do that to you guys? :D :D :D

Jim (on Changes): Dear reader: MWOO HAH HAH HAH HAAAAAAHHHH! That is all. :D

Hellflwr: @longshotauthor Begging for a pre-skull Bob story. Even a short one. Or, you know, a whole series…Dont make me cast dominate..
Jim: @Hellflwer Well…. there /was/ no pre-skull Bob. The only question is whose skull he was in originally, before he got his own.

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Quote from: Zachary Ready ‏@DeusSolis

Question among my @HarriedWizard RPG group for @longshotauthor : would changelings be sterile? and if not how would the genetics work?

Quote from: Jim Butcher @longshotauthor

@DeusSolis @HarriedWizard No, not at all.  And cautiously.
@DeusSolis @HarriedWizard :D Consider it a dormant gene group that could potentially be activated by environmental exposure.

Quote from: Zachary Ready ‏@DeusSolis

@longshotauthor @HarriedWizard So a half-elf changeling could have kids that when exposed 2 faerydom, child could exhibit faery qualities?

Quote from: Jim Butcher @longshotauthor

@DeusSolis @HarriedWizard Yeah, though they’d need more exposure the wider the generation gap was. It would be impractical at some point.


James Burnell  ‏@SuperSnapper61  Feb 10:
@longshotauthor is it possible for the Erlking to create a Wyld Knight or some equivalent?

‏Jim Butcher @longshotauthor:
@SuperSnapper61 Engh. He could feasibly take a part of his own power and fashion a new mantle from it.  Much weaker than the WK though.

Jim Turnage ‏@jim_turnage  Feb 12:
@longshotauthor Wait, Mab as strong as she is despite wrapping enough of her power together to make a Mantle?! Or someone else made it…

The Honorable Dennis ‏@den_down_unda  Feb 12:
@jim_turnage @longshotauthor I’m guessing the fact that there are three Queens to a single King of the Wild Fae has something to do with it.

Jim Butcher ‏@longshotauthor  Feb 13:
@den_down_unda @jim_turnage The Erlking is simply not on the same scale of power as Mab, though he could probably hand Molly her head.


Quote from: Jim’s twitter feed on July 12th 20015

@longshotauthor Hey Jim, can I ask a DF question?  What were the Knights of the Cross doing during the Crusades?

@therealcarew Trying to bring them to an end

@longshotauthor As unaffiliated but superpowered mediators, like the Jedi?  Or was there supernatural ass that needed kicking?

Well, Saladin was one for a while…


EpeeBill: @longshotauthor  I’m reading Princeps Fury and last night I got to Gaius’s ‘I look outside my window’ speech. Awesome soliloquy.
Jim: @EpeeBill Thanks. :) Gaius was an extremely fun character to write. I wish I could have given him more screen time.

BeeGirlBlue: Headline: Calderon Against AZ Law – Me: Shit. Tavi’s pissed and he’s gonna come at Brewer like she’s the Vord Queen. Blame @longshotauthor
Jim: @BeeGirlBlue I think the Octavian Administration would have put Varg in charge of the border long since. :)
priscellie: @longshotauthor  Not that the Alerans have to deal with illegal immigration anyway. :D
Jim: @priscellie Are you kidding? They’ve got this whole issue with Vordian-alerans and everything! :D

studliestmuffin: @longshotauthor  What exactly could i compare a gargant to in real life? I having a terrible time picturing them in my head.
Jim: @studliestmuffin  A megatherium ( is pretty close to a gargant. :)

indigohaze: @longshotauthor  Feelings on the map being higher bid than the book right now?
Jim: @indigohaze ALERA FOR THE BOOBIES!


heynonnymouse: @longshotauthor  How does it feel to go to a reading/appearance, and see all kinda people dressed up like Harry, staff, leather duster & all?
Jim: @heynonnymouse  It’s a bit odd. I mean, I don’t know how to react other than to feel geekjoy. Which is just not professional. Smiley

TamarBatAvraham: @longshotauthor  @ShannonKButcher  Have you guys seen this?
Jim: @TamarBatAvraham  Oh, Bob WISHES he could be a bar of soap!


YevP: @longshotauthor  Was at the library, tryin to wet Changes, and they only had an audio book, what do you get more $$ for? paper or tape?
Jim: @YevP I’d have to check way too many documents to be sure, but I’m fairly confident that it basically makes no nevermind to me.


Kat Richardson (author of the Greywalker novels): Sometimes I even forget character names.
Jim: @katrchrdsn I have occasionally forgotten that a given character was DEAD. :)
Kat: @longshotauthor  yes, but in our genre, dead is not so much of a barrier….

mexicantt: @longshotauthor  If a major disaster struck Chicago, would you change anything in your Dresden storyline to include or reflect it?
Jim: @mexicantt Almost certainly. I try to incorporate world events into my thinking, at least. Like that sinkhole in Guatemala!


Iago: @longshotauthor  “So what would you do with the oil spill, Mr. Butcher?” “Hmm, I’d get a crew of Knights Aqua in here… Or maybe Carlos?”
Jim: @fredhicks Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

myyrdneopia: @priscellie I quote @longshotauthor: “Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”
Jim: @myyrdneopia Actually, I’m sort of hoping that they ask Cameron to use Big Geek to carry the bomb down to the leak. Because, irony. :)

theliz13: @longshotauthor  Thats the problem with people. They hear ‘nuke’ and think Hiroshima. Suitcase nukes are much more specific. :->
Jim: @theliz13 Yeah. Nuclear reactors always draw screams of Chyernob… Cherno… Chair-Noble. But they’ve gotten much more stable since then.
Jim: Chernobyl, dammit! I KNEW I would remember it if I tried it enough times. :)

westonian: I once said of Joss Whedon “He’s an absolute bastard and I love him for it.” I now say the same of @longshotauthor. Fantastic storytelling.
Jim: @westonian Hi praise! Thank you! :D

MargoEve: After finishing his latest book, I’m nominating @longshotauthor for the “Whedon, You BASTARD!” award for this year.
Jim: @MargoEve High praise indeed! :D Thank you!

Jim: Okay. Gonna walk around a bit and maybe hunt for a Hershey’s bar.
Shinga_the_Jedi (author of Head Trip webcomic): @longshotauthor  If you’re going to go candy hunting, at least hunt for something GOOD ;)
Jim: @Shinga_the_Jedi  Giving me geekgasms by doing a Dresden Files comic is no reason for you to be walking on the Hershey bar!
Shinga_the_Jedi: @longshotauthor  … One of my favorite ever authors read my comic and had a geekasm. Best birthday present EVER. ;) (Hershey still sucks <3)
Jim: @Shinga_the_Jedi  Oh, I fired it off to my editor and agent too. :) Proof that the Dresden Files are going viral! :D

Jim: Perfection: RT @rdonoghue: American Airlines – Because you thought it would be faster than driving. Sucker.