Welcome to the official “Word of Jim” (WoJ) website.

Here’s the main page, showing the latest blog posts which will be how I log content updates.

Here is the main content page indexing direct links to WoJ sources These links go to pages on this site dedicated to collections of certain categories of material, and to pages hosted across the internet with all kinds of great material.

The WoJ Compilation is a resource dedicated to collecting and categorizing pretty much everything Jim’s said about the Dresden files that I could find.  There’s a LOT of content in this thing, and if you have finished the books and are jonesing for a dresden files content fix, this is for you!

If you find any new interviews, videos, or other sources of WoJ or if you transcribe one of the same, please drop a comment in one of my update blog posts, or contact me on reddit as u/serack

-Serack the WoJ Guru